Advocacy info

We have a phone number 414-800-CRAY (2729)

Do you know a commercially sexually exploited youth ages 11 – 25, who needs urgent advocacy/accompaniment during a medical exam or law enforcement interview?
On-call advocates are available Monday – Fridays from 4 pm – Midnight

Requirements for Requesting an On-Call Advocate:
Youth ages 11 – 25
Youth at high risk or confirmed for commercial sexual exploitation
Request for immediate accompaniment during medical exam or law enforcement interview

How do you decide if a youth is high risk or has been trafficked?

We recommend you review the Wisconsin Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Indicator and Response Guide available on the DCF website.

How to ask a youth if they want an advocate present:
“You have the right to have a safe and confidential person here with you during a medical exam or while you are being interviewed by police. They are someone you can talk to, who can help you explore your options, make sure your voice is heard, connect you with resources, and support you with legal stuff and medical help. Would you like me to call an advocate to be here with you now?”

Call us at 414-800-CRAY (2729) to request an urgent advocate Monday to Friday 4pm – Midnight

What to expect from an advocate:
Will respond within an hour
Will provide follow up and ongoing support
Connection to other resources

Advocates are from Milwaukee Center for Children and Youth, Pathfinders, Aurora, and Milwaukee Police Department Sensitive Crimes Division.

All responding advocates have received training in:
Trauma Informed Care
Human Trafficking
Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy
Advanced Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth Advocacy

Advocates are also available during business hours. Call individual agencies for their availability.

Want to know more about the right to an advocate when reporting sexual assault, sex trafficking and child sexual abuse in Wisconsin? Read more about it here.